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The board of FTEI applied for funding for forestry skills on April 27th 2012.

On 22nd May 2012, the board received a response document from the Forest Service...

“I refer to your letter of 27 April 2012 regarding funding for forestry training under a number of
headings and for the continued operation of FTEI Ltd.” ..........
.........“In view of the limited availability of funding and the decision to focus support on the identified priority areas above, I regret to inform you that no further funding will available for the specific skills courses, the delivery of which FTEI has co-ordinated since 2007.”

 The directors scheduled an urgent board meeting which was held on 29th May 2012.

At the meeting of the board, 29th May 2012, it was resolved that the ‘Company’ FTEI Ltd, Main Street, Delvin Co.Westmeath should permanently close for business on 30th June 2012.

 Updates will be publicly provided on the FTEI website in the very near future.

 The board wishes to thank everyone for their support over the years since its commencement in 2007.

Go raibh mile maith agat.

FTEI have no Tenders on offer at this time.

Please visit this website regularly for offers. Offers may become available from time to time.

FTEI recently tendered the "Implementation of the Training and Education Needs Analysis". Offer closed on 11th January 2012.
Details of tender offer and procedure are available on the 'Tenders' page of this website.
See below for information on the "Training and Education Needs Analysis" (TENA) and also on the 'TNA Report' page of this website.

FTEI have undertaken a 'Training and Education Needs Analysis Report for the Forest Industry'.  Further scoping details etc are available on the 'TENA Report' page of this website. The Training and Education Needs Analysis was advertised for tendering on this website and was subsequently awarded to Purser Tarleton Russell Ltd.
The 'Training and Education Needs Anyalysis Report for the Forest Industry' is now at the final  stage of circulation. Please see the following link for a copy of the report;
FTEI 2011: Training and Education Needs Analysis for the Forest Industry  

FTEI are currently tendering the implementation stage of the TENA.
Details of the tender and the scope document are available on the
Please visit this website on a regular basis for updates on this topic.

FORESTRY SKILLS TRAINING:                                                      

FTEI research and formulate training requirements submitted from 'REQUIRERS' working in the Forest Industry. Anyone interested in becoming a 'Requirer' can do so by sending in a letter of application to the board of FTEI for approval.

Funding is provided for the delivery of approved Forestry Skills Training.
FTEI are formulating a programme of forestry skills courses for the year 2012. Requirers should refer to the document 
"FTEI 2011: Training and Education Needs Analysis for the Forest Industry for recommendations for the required skills when formulating their submissions as this is the guideline document for FTEI funded programmes. Companies/Organisations /REQUIRERS should forward their submissions to FTEI. Please submitt your programme using the Exel file docs/2012FundingSubmissionRequirements.xlsx
Funding does not include travel, subsistence or P.P.E
Submitting a requirement request or completing a tender application does not guarantee any funding.
Individual Requirement - Details:
Anyone interested in submitting a training requirement for a forestry skills programme-course can do so by correctly completing the forms; Notice of Course Interest Form, Notice of Course Interest Work Plan(-2).pdf and posting to our office, see 'Contact Information' below

Any Training Provider interested in delivering forestry skills programme-courses, please refer to the tender section of this website.


email the FTEI Secretary: secretary@ftei.ie
Post to; Forestry Training and Education Ireland Ltd, Main Street, Delvin, Co.Westmeath

"Funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013"

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